More than 20,000 people in the Bluegrass State are injured in auto accidents every year. Of this group, the goal is not to get rich but to instead be taken care of, as accident victims both need and deserve fair compensation.

Insurance companies are the catalyst by which this compensation is rendered, but for many victims, the idea of dealing with these large companies brings about fear and confusion. If this is a concern you have, learn what things you can do to make this process easier. 



When you are dealing with the effects of an accident, no one knows better than you the pain you feel from injuries or the financial hardship missed time from work has caused you. You need to be your own advocate, but you can only do so when you're communicating with the insurance company. 

Not only is this communication vital to outlining the specifics of your claim, but communication can also assist with moving your case ahead as swiftly as possible. If the insurance company has reached out to you unsuccessfully or you have forms that you have not completed and returned to them, your case may be unable to move forward. 

This delay only means that you have to wait longer for your compensation. A delay on your part may even impact the value of your claim. Maintain an open line of communication at all times. 

Be Proactive 

Even when injured due to the negligent actions of another person, you will still have a great deal of responsibility on your shoulders. For any injuries you have sustained, you need to adhere to the treatment plan prescribed by your physician carefully. 

For example, say your physician prescribed physical therapy three times a week, but you only go once or maybe twice a week. Your actions give the insurance company legal leverage to devalue your claim because they can argue that you aren't as hurt as you claim or that you aren't taking steps to treat your injuries.

If you're not acting like your health is important, you will find it more difficult to convince an insurance company or judge that you need help. Be proactive about your health and care and follow all doctor's orders.

Know What You Say Is Important 

Accident victims should take extra care to provide only factual information when speaking with attorneys and claims' adjusters that represent the insurance company. If you don't know the answer for certain, decline to answer instead of guessing. Also provide only the information that is asked of you. 

For example, when asked to recount the events that led up to an accident, don't include potentially problematic details about you being in a rush to get home. Even a minor statement like this can be used against you because the insurance company may translate your urgency into distraction. 

They may then have grounds to argue that this makes you dually responsible for the accident. Because Kentucky's comparative negligence law allows your claim to be reduced based on the percentage of fault you share, saying the wrong thing could cost you money. 


Accidents are stressful situations, and the unfortunate reality is that much of the hard work and stress comes after the fact. Atkins & Atkins Attorneys At Law is here to help. With decades of experience, our attorney team has helped a countless number of injured victims like you get the compensation they need and deserve after an accident.

Don't feel like this is a journey you have to take on your own. Contact the office to find someone ready to stand with you.